CFO Navigator

The Ultimate Tool For The Strategic CFO

Scenario-Driven Strategy Made Simple

We believe that finance processes should evolve alongside business leaders. CFOs and their teams thrive when agile, scenario-based planning supports short and long-range strategies. That’s why we’ve created CFO Nav—a planning tool built to empower strategic decision making with ease. 

With CFO Nav, building and assessing different scenarios is effortless. Our tool’s enhanced modeling capabilities bring your strategy to life, so you can adjust seamlessly to unforeseen circumstances. By integrating strategy into daily operations, you not only mitigate risk but also track performance against long-range goals in real-time.

Experience the power of CFO Nav and elevate your finance team’s effectiveness today.

Why Every CFO Wants This Tool

Stay Flexible With Our Trusted Model

CFO Nav is changing the way financial leaders lay out the business strategy:

✓ Combine scenarios across business units with one click.

✓ Adopt an agile approach with all potential strategic initiatives including M&A.

✓ Evaluate Debt & Equity and Pay Dividends to finance your business.

✓ Track complete financial statements and essential KPIs.