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Welcome to CFO Navigator

We believe that all businesses require enhanced strategic modeling capabilities. The strategic finance process should be as seamless as possible so that leaders can make the best strategic decisions. That was the reason we created the CFO Nav Tool.

The CFO Nav Tool Makes It Easy To

  • Pick and roll up different scenarios across business units with a simple click
  • Work flexibly with M&A
  • Evaluate potential targets
  • Finance your business by issuing Debt & Equity and Pay Dividends
  • Track complete financial statements
  • Track essential financial KPIs such as Solidity, EPS, etc.
  • Integrate to current financial systems and Excel / Power BI
We are a team of software developers and strategic finance experts with years of hands-on experience, all coming from positions in finance. When we create the right solution for your company, we work closely with your team to get the exact features you need to run a successful scenario plan process. Upon delivery of the tailormade tool, we of course offer you support, should you need it, but the idea is for your team to be able to independently work in the tool.

Why Every CFO Wants This Tool