The Game Changer For CFOs

CFO Nav is a new revolutionizing software that strengthens the CFO’s role in strategic decision-making. In other words, it is the CFO’s new best friend! You can seamlessly navigate scenarios for New Business Development, Capital Investments, M&A evaluation, and more while preparing for uncertainty. CFO Nav instantly provides all relevant KPIs for your business, including financing needs and Credit Ratings. We are looking for you to collaborate with us to customize the tool to meet your needs. We offer a model tailor-made for your organization to navigate one hundred percent independently – and, mind you, no spreadsheets!

Discover How CFO Nav Empowers You


We will design the relevant account structure with P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, and drivers.

Entities and

We will apply an organizational structure using Entities. New entities can also be added with a few mouse clicks. Hereafter the user can add a limitless number of Scenarios to the entities in the organization.

Business Cases

Scenarios can now be picked and mixed and rolled up to Business Cases. CFO Nav effortlessly provides full P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, and KPIs for all scenarios. The CFO will add value by enabling data-driven decisions.


Visualize the Scenarios modeled in reports and work with the data in other analysis tools such as Excel Pivot etc. Provide insightful one-pagers for the generated Business Cases, again driving informed decision-making for Executive Management.